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Featured Menu

Featured Menu

At Viva Pizzeria we have expanded beyond your “Everyday Pizza Shop”. Our fresh outlook on our menu was born from our love of cooking. Our creations are not only delicious but fun!

A few of our favorite specialities are The Original Viva Zeppoles, Pizza Puffs, Schmidt’s Sausage as a speciality item, freshly created Specialty Pizza slices everyday, House made Croutons, Fresh Bread, Speciality Sauces including the Famous Chipotle, Sweet Cream Dip, Ricotta Sauce and our House Dressing.

Our Homemade Zeppole was created uniquely by us. Zeppole is our original pastry dessert glazed in cinnamon sugar and served with our homemade Sweet Cream Dip. Your taste buds will love you!

Pizza puffs are a spin on traditional pizza and stromboli. They are filled with all of your favorite pizza toppings, rolled, cooked and served with your choice of sauce!

Our Speciality Sauces were freshly made and created by us for you.

Our menu is Fresh and Unique, but, your order can be personalized just the way you like it, in fact, just ask us, we’ll make it Your Way!